Hi! My name is Jeneé and I'm a visual artist based out of Philadelphia PA. I like to create things that feel natural to me in the moment and that is always how I've done it. I'm fascinated by the interaction between colors and shapes and their relationship to other elements in their surroundings and thats usually my starting point in my process.  I love getting lost in my work and the excitement that comes with finishing a project that I can be proud of. 

I've spent years working as a visual merchandiser and home stager and have learned a lot about spacial awareness, patterns, color, texture and element mixing. From a young age I was interested in making art, but I will say it was during my experience working as a visual merchandiser where my passion really expanded and I realized this was something I needed in my life in order to feel like me.  

So yea, here we are! Funkaesthetik is my passion project that I've been working on regularly for years now. I’m trying to have more fun and take myself less seriously- I find that’s where the magic happens. Funkaesthetik is an extension of me and it’s ever changing and I am happy to keep rollin with it.  I'm grateful to you for being here and showing interest in my work, it means the world to me! 


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